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KADDRO`s approach to Community Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) is a diverse, participatory and inclusive process in the sense that, it involves relevant stakeholders such as District Council, District Health Management, Ministry of Water Resources, beneficiary Communities, etc. in the implementation and monitoring of WASH programs. KADDRO WASH unit focuses mainly on providing sustainable access to safe and clean water, sanitation and hygiene for poor and vulnerable rural communities at KADDROs operational areas through water harvesting, construction, and maintenance of water points.

Our Approach

KADDRO’s approach in providing sustainable clean and safe drinking water is both demand and supply-driven. The supply-driven part of it, is that some communities have been for decades without a single safe and clean water facility and KADDRO intervene in providing them with at least one Waterpoint while the demand-driven part is that, there are communities with a population of over 1000 people with just one Water Point which According to WHO population measurement one Water Point to serve 250 people. This lead to overuse and sometimes result to the breakdown of the Water Point due to many people using it and KADDRO intervene in such a situation to provide additional Water Point to supplement the available one.

Assessment of communities with critical water challenges. We collect data at the community level on the population of people in communities, available water points, source of water collection and distance, operation and maintenance of water point, etc. We also take into consideration the hygiene situation i.e the handling and storage their drinking water and the cleanliness of their environment.

  • Established WASH committee. This is also known as Water Management committee comprises of a minimum of seven (7) members and a maximum of eleven (11) members with women forming the majority.

The committee is further breakdown into sub groups:

  1. Pump Mechanics
  • Identification of faults in the Water points
  • Assess the gravity of the fault in the Water points and report to the head of the WASH committee for action
  • Undertake repairs in the Water Points when necessary
  1. Pump care takers
  • Open and close the Water point on the agreed time for the use of the community
  • Sensitize the users on hygiene rules when fetching water from the water facility
  • Delegate responsibilities to community members for the cleaning of the water facility area
  • User fee collectors.
  • Responsible to collect monthly contribution/payment from people for the use of the water facility
  • Take records of people who pay the water rate for accountability
  • Sensitize the community on the importance of paying for Water Point service
  • Trained WASH Committee on operation and management. KADDRO provides basic trainings on operation and maintenance of the hand pumps for Water Management Committee, the trainings are aimed at providing basic skills on how the Committee could operate and carry out minor repairs in case of any breakdown. They are trained on how to identify faults in the Hand Pumps, identification of various maintenance tools and their functions and maintenance procedures


  • Construction of Water Points. Because of KADDROs sense of the effect of climate change, it has over the period skewed to the construction of water points to bore holes instead of hand dug water points. KADDRO carried out geological assessments at communities to ascertain the high potential availability of underground water so as to avoid Water Well getting dried up during the dry season. After this process, drilling of the boreholes start with the installation and concrete fencing of the water wells.


  • Provision of Maintenance Toolkits. KADDRO provided maintenance toolkits to the Water Management Committees. The tool kits contain various tools used to carry out repairs in case of any breakdown in the Water Point in all the WASH beneficiary communities.
  • Introduce a User Fee system. KADDRO introduced a user fee system to WASH communities in which people will collectively agree to pay a small amount to be put aside for the use of the Water facility. Those monies will be collected and managed properly by the WASH Committees on behalf of the communities. In case of any breakdown these will be used by the WASH Committees through the Pump Mechanics to buy spear parts so as to carry out repairs in the hands pumps. The collection of the user fee is done on monthly basis and the amount to be paid will varies from community to community as a way of ensuring community ownership and sustainability.


  • Train Community people on Hygiene Promotion. Undertook Hygiene promotion and sensitization Trainings with an aim to increase people`s knowledge on hygiene related issues in their community. Theses trainings targeted chiefs, women, school going pupils, youths, WASH committee members etc.
  • Facilitate the establishment of water facility Bye laws guiding the operation of the Water points. KADDRO coordinated community people to establish community Water Bye Laws. These laws are put together by the community people so as to guide the operation of the Water Point. This was through community meetings facilitated by KADDRO where majority especially Women actively involved in putting the Laws together.
  • Train WASH Committees on records management: Trained WASH Committee members particularly the User Fee Collectors how to keep and manage records of payments for the use of the Water facility. Keep track of payment progress and inform the general members.
  • Create linkages between the WASH Committees at various communities and the Ministry of Water Resources and District Council. Because KADDRO will not stay forever in the community for WASH activities, it linked the WASH Committee to government departments such as Ministry of Water Resources, District Council, District Health Management Team (DHMT) etc. for supervision and other support.


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