Robat is a community located in Munu Thalla Chiefdom Kambia District in the Northwestern province of Sierra Leone. This community has a population of about 1000 people with farming and petty trading as their predominant economic livelihood activities. Robat from it establishment never have the opportunity of getting a protected Water Point within the community, they depend on fetching Water from unprotected open stream and swamp dug wells for their domestic activities. For drinking purpose, people have to trek long distance with women having their children strapped at their back early in the morning and sometimes late in the evening.
According to health report from the nearby health center, Robat community has been recorded to be experiencing persistent cholera and diarrhea outbreaks as a result of drinking Water from contaminated and unprotected Water Sources. This situation has over the years caused the lose lives of people particularly Women and Children within the community
KADDRO however, intervened by constructing a borehole Water Hand Pump facility that provides clean and safe drinking Water for the people within the community. People now have access to affordable clean and safe Water facility which has reduced the incidence of Cholera and diarrhea outbreaks because people no longer have to walk long distances to fetch Water from their traditional unprotected and contaminated Water Sources. People’s behavior to hygiene practice has now changed because series of sensitizations on hygiene promotion has taken place which has created community awareness on Sanitation. Report from the nearby Community Health Center revealed that very low cases of Water borne related diseases have been recorded from Robat Community. This according to the Health Workers