What a great visibility for KADDRO and Trocaire in the fight against COVID-19?

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and SLANGO has on 29th May, 2020 officially introduced KADDRO a National Non-Governmental Organisation (NNGO) and Trocaire an International Non-Governmental Organisation(INGO) to the Kambia District COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre(DICOVERC) as leads in the district in terms of COVID-19 in midst of NGOs and other actors in fights against COVID-19.

KADDRO’s implementation strategy with funds from Trocaire in the fight against COVID-19 provided us the opportunity to take the lead among other partners in Kambia district to ensure that the global enemy around us is eliminated.

KADDRO has been in the fight against COVID-19 since March 2020 at a time when the idea of this virus was new. Today, the organization’s image has been placed in the limelight of the country’s data for all local organizations.

Because of our commitment towards achieving positive results, we are also extending our hands of support to Falaba district through the recommendation of our partner, TROCAIRE.

God bless the management of Trocaire, the management of KADDRO

Long live TROCAIRE

Long live KADDRO