For the first time, KADDRO have secured direct funding from the European Union (EU)
Sometimes in February this year, the European Union delegation in their effort to Empowered Civil Society, Women, and Youth Influence Agricultural Production and Sustainable Income Development in Sierra Leone, visited the following district, Kambia, Bombali, Kenema, Kailahun and Pujehun and held information sessions with both CSO’s and District Councils.
The information session was geared towards having districts prioritize development project in line with the district development plan (DDP) for the Euro 4.5 million grant available. Euro 2 million was meant for CSO’s through an application. The minimum grant application for the CSO’s was euro 800,000 and the maximum grant application was Euro 1,200,000. The 2.5 million euro was meant for the council.
Kambia district council and its CSO’s priorities ranked were as follows:
1. Infrastructure,
2. Agriculture and
3. Energy.
The European Union Delegation advertised in June 2019 for the selected districts and their CSO’s to show up their interest by sending their applications via prospect.
KADDRO merged with other sister CSO’s and form a strong consortium of which KADDRO was the lead upon the support and advised of our partner/donor organization (Trocaire) an Irish organisation working in Sierra Leone and applied for Lot 4: Kambia District.
Developing their strong proposal and unique budget by the consortium (KADDRO, TROCAIRE, CDHR and AIUDO) submitted their application in July 2019. Shortly, KADDRO been the lead applicant was notified of passing stage 1 (concept note stage) in August 2019. Not too long KADDRO again was notified of passing the full proposal evaluation stage of the grant.
The most difficult stage of any grant application with the European union is the eligibility stage, but for KADDRO this was as simple as making a phone call, this was because KADDRO’s bench marks on legality in operations were worth emulating. KADDRO was brilliantly informed that they have also conquer this stage within few weeks after been notified of passing the full proposal stage.
Finally; finally, October 30th 2019 marks another historic and added value moment for KADDRO ‘s achievements when they were called upon to officially signed the most precious project of 2019 in Kambia district, North-West Region of Sierra Leone.
Kudos to the consortium members (TROCAIRE, CDHR and AIUDO) for believing in KADDRO and putting up a very strong proposal together. Pray for a smooth implementation of the project and achieving the project outcomes.